Here is an image from a book I have been working on and will be available as a 4 color, 18”x 24” screen print sometime soon-ish. 
Blobby Boys for Comics Workbook
For “Art Deal With It” at Blue Lucy Gallery in St. Pete, FL.
Mixed Media
I’ve been doing some work with my childhood friend George Lewis Jr, or Twin Shadow. Here’s a quick drawing for his big, birthday bash this weekend. Check out his website for the details on that. 
Keep posted for some Twin Shadow shirt designs for the upcoming tour.

Tristan Wheelock and I were interviewed by Frontrunner Magazine about our work on Look Who Rolled Into Town. Check it out!

My piece showed up as the header for Hi-Fructose's write up on “Far Away, So Close” at Bold Hype Gallery! If you’re in NYC check it out.
Phantom Limbs opening! Jan 17th at Redefine Gallery in Orlando FL.
FAR AWAY, SO CLOSE at BOLD HYPE GALLERY! Opening is on Jan 10th NYC!
"Heavenly Chariot"
mixed media
My piece for ”Far Away, So Close” at Bold Hype Gallery. Come see the opening on Jan. 10th!
#process #get_loose #wip
Album art for WiLD ViBES. Go check it out!
Zombie Warrior (With Flesh Helmet)
8x10 Acrylic & Ink
LOOK WHO ROLLED INTO TOWN is up and running! LWRIT is a project I started with my good pal and talented photographer friend Tristan Wheelock. 
We have a Tumblr that will be updated with more of these pieces so, if you like what you see, please follow it!